Molar To Molar Dentistry


At Molar To Molar Dentistry, we offer root canal therapy as an effective treatment to save and restore damaged or infected teeth. Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that involves removing the infected or damaged pulp (soft tissue) from the inside of the tooth and filling the space with a special dental material.

When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected or damaged due to decay or injury, it can cause severe pain and sensitivity, as well as lead to further dental problems. Root canal therapy is an effective way to save the tooth and prevent the need for extraction.

Our experienced dentists use the latest techniques and technology to perform root canal therapy with precision and care. We begin by evaluating the condition of the tooth and determining the best course of treatment. We then use local anesthesia to numb the area and make the procedure as comfortable as possible for our patients.

During the procedure, our dentists will remove the infected or damaged pulp from the inside of the tooth, clean and shape the root canals, and fill the space with a special dental material. We may also recommend placing a dental crown over the restored tooth for added protection and strength.

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